Monday, July 9, 2012

Arty Places: Workshops #8 2012

While our holidays have provided me with many blog posts yet to come, this week's "arty place" is at home, literally. Yesterday, once again our family room was transformed into a workshop area  for a Precious Metal Clay workshop for beginners . The photo shows some of the work, beautiful pendants - really fantastic, I think for beginners!
Recently most of the workshops here have been art dolls and this year many creations have been born here, during Wise Women workshops .... 

and Message Stick art doll workshops ... 

Even at family gatherings, there is always time for a workshop or two at Empress Wu Designs . Today we made polymer clay power rings and learnt to make swirl beads with scraps of polymer clay.  If you are interested in any of these workshops please check the workshop page or contact me directly. 


  1. What fabulous creations. I wish I could have joined in.

    Pat x

  2. These dolls are amazingly beautiful and artistic. Blessings!


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