Thursday, February 23, 2012

TAG TUESDAY: Poetry and Prose : It takes courage

TAG TUESDAY: Poetry and Prose : It takes courage:
This week again,  I have rushed to make a tag on time... This distressed tag looks as though its had a difficult journey just like Dorothy and as this poem suggests.

On Growing Up
by Diane Paquin
It takes courage to face the threatening storm, to go on though pouring rain and bolting flashes which make you want to run and hide till the rainbows appear once more....
It takes courage to reach for the stars , to climb the eternal stairs that penetrate the darkest  hours of night and never lose sight of those tiny lights when speeding meteors throw you off your ladder.
It takes courage to dig deep into the earth to see the crawling bugs that destroy, or maybe find a mushrooming bud digging till the core is reached where the root of all experiences can  .
It takes courage to stay on the road that leads to somewhere, not to be tempted by roadside whispers that speak of sweet fantasties - an in reality are not- or to be drawn by the fragrant flower, only to find its scent is poison. ...
It takes courage, courage to grow up. 

The tag was made by covering a painted background with a paper napkin using gel medium and then stamping and writing over the top. Image from scrap booking paper and scraps  of sari ribbon and handpainted fabric.

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