Monday, February 13, 2012

Exhibition Sneak Preview

I have been really busy preparing for the Wise Women Exhibition - I wish I didn't leave things until the last minute.... The opening is on 8 March with set up on 6 March and still so  much to do...

To encourage myself, I am giving you a sneak preview of some of the works in progress. Reviewing what I have done helps me to refocus on completing some more of my many works in progress.
This  mixed media piece is almost  completed... digital prints of some of my photos - the face on  organza and the other strips are on cotton with wrapped threads and clay embellishment.

And here is head ( which by the way is attached to a body), and  hopefully with some hair and some costuming will turn into a wise woman - at least a young wise woman.? I was happy with the head, so hope now I can finish it off into a completed art doll.
I still have one more Wise Woman workshop before the exhibition - please book here at Timeless Textiles.
This last week I also finished off  a few bases for my spirit art dolls - here's some examples

In my free moments, I am still enjoying TAG TUESDAY very much. here are my contributions for the last two weeks. Theme : Lace - a friend gave me a piece of vintage lace, and I thought they would look great as doll;'s house curtains, but I used the idea for the tag.
Theme : Hearts - another of my button trees.
And now back to work on some more exhibition pieces. ... 


  1. Thankyou for your kind words about my tags Wilma!I think we have both inspired Dolores to make some now!!
    Your tags are very good as well. Gee it's been fun doing them. We will have loads by the end of the year.Thankyou so much for letting me know about Tag Tuesday. Did you see all the Followers now, and the people doing the challenges on their own blogs.It's an idea that's really taken off.

  2. I am looking forward to this exhibition. The Wise woman is progressing nicely - she has a wonderful face. Keep at it Wilma - you will get there!!


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