Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Christmas

It's Christmas ... it's summer here in Australia. Usually it is really hot, but today it's cold, rainy and grey. Most years I wonder what a white Christmas is like.... 

When I dream of Christmas,
I dream of wondrous things,
of mistletoe and holly,
and joy the season brings,
Of snowy fields, and rosy cheeks,

sleds careening fast and sleek,
houses lighted, festive, gay,
preparing for that special day

When family gathers ‘round the tree,
anticipating what will be
in Christmas boxes tied up tight,
colorful wrappings shining bright

Merry Christmas to all ... may you enjoy the festive season with those who are special to you in the spirit of love, peace, and hope. 

PS The images in this post are of our Christmas tree, scenes from a beautiful tin of gingerbread, sent to us by our German exchange daughter, and Grandma Gnome, one of my art dolls made for this special time of the year. 

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