Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arty Places:Timeless Textiles

In my 2011 series of  blog posts on  inspiring Arty Places, I am very excited to  feature the newest gallery in Newcastle - Timeless Textiles, a rare treasure amongst art galleries which is devoted to celebrating excellence in fibre art. When I first visited, I was stunned by so much beauty in one place and left reluctantly but feeling culturally and spiritually uplifted. Anne Kempton, the owner of this special art space, is committed to sharing her passion for textile art and has worked tirelessly for months to make her dream a reality of the finest quality... some images of the fibre art currently displayed in Timeless Textiles.   

The first exhibition, Revealed:Uncovering the Beauty of Fibre Art will showcase  the finest work of international, national and regional  fibre artists  and the invitation encourages you to to "immerse yourself in the complex beauty of traditional and contemporary textile practice.

Having had a preview of some of the fibre art which may be included in the exhibition, I am in awe of the beautiful work Anne has managed to gather for this unique exhibition. I feel rather overwhelmed, humbled and honoured that I may have a few pieces chosen for this exhibition. Here is one of my beaded amulet bags, ( all Delica beads) which you may see in the exhibition.
And now is the time to book for any of the series of textile workshops Timeless Textiles is offering in the next few months from Jan Clark, Wendy Scott and me.  Contact Timeless Textiles for more details about the workshops and to book your place for this opportunity to learn and develop techniques to create fibre art of excellence.


  1. Wilma- what a gallery!!Fabulous to be able to show some of your work there!! Look forward to hearing more about this wonderful gallery!!
    There are so few Textile Galleries!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a glorious display of textile art. Thank you for sharing!


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