Monday, August 23, 2010

Doll in a Day

Rarely have I been able to create a doll in a day, but I did this wise old man last Friday with the help of my friend, Bobbi from "LamboArt" . Please look at Bobbi's blog. Bobbi shared her technique of making a wire armature, wrapped with polyester fibre fill and fabric and of course, with polymer clay head, hands and shoes. Bobbi and I have discussed at length whether these creations should be called art dolls or mixed media sculptures?  I was still undecided until late in the afternoon whether this doll in fact was male or female. I did make the scroll later during the night , but I was really happy with this finishing touch, giving the doll some purpose.

As for wrapping, while my mother was visiting, I was inspired to try some simple temari from a book she lent me. Here they are - nothing as beautiful or complicated as my mother's or niece's temari, but I enjoyed the whole process of measuring and dividing the ball , wrapping and embroidering.  
 As promised here is a glimpse of all of the wonderful contributions to my birthday quilt. Friends and my family have made this such a special birthday, with each square telling a special story and together making me feel very blessed, fortunate and privileged to have such great friends and relatives in my life.  The following photos do not really do justice to the work, thought and care put into each of these squares. Thank you everyone. I can hardly wait to put it all together when we return from our volunteer project in Papua New Guinea. 

I will be off line for about 4 weeks.  We are very soon off to our "home away from home" ( pictured)  in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea to help with our Rotary project providing better education and heatlh facilities in a more remote and developing part of the world..



  1. The doll turned out wonderfully. And the quilt is amazing.
    All the best for your Papua New Guinea adventures.

  2. LOVE, love this Doll in- a -day!!
    The quilt will be fantastic.What a great reminder of friends and family!!


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