Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flowers Blooming

With the weather becoming a bit colder, I decided to finish a scarf I started last year. I loved this pattern when I saw it in a Patons book, and a few of us at one of my dollmaking groups decided to make it - so you will probably see various versions of this around Newcastle this winter. 
I enjoyed knitting the flowers and the leaves, but I did not enjoy the sewing up, so that is why the fifteen flowers and thirty leaves were all finished but not assembled. I wanted to wear this to my friend Connie's birthday last weekend, so took a couple of nights in front of TV to sew the flowers and leaves together.
I chose some sunflower fabric at Dollies last Saturday and had a pattern in mind . It's been made up into a little drawstring bag, constructed from a square, folded diagonally, and then the corners are folded in to create a pocket. What I love about this bag is that the lining and pockets are all made in one - the folding means that the outside fabric is also the lining. Just an hour or so and voila, a great little gift!

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  1. Love that fab scarf Wilma!!Cripes, all thiose leaves and flowers to sew up!! Did you get lots of great comments about the scarf?Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Yes I am a pincushion "tragic".Do you like them too?


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