Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What colour makes you feel good?

Today my sister-in-law had an operation on her pelvis. Before going to the hospital, we were talking about her friend who told her that she needed to think “yellow” as a special healing colour. I had coincidentally been reading about colour therapy, so we spent the morning researching and discussing theories about healing and colour. Here’s what we discovered about yellow from :

"YELLOW relates to the solar plexus chakra, situated below the ribs The organs to which this chakra relates are the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine. The endocrine gland is the pancreas. Healing properties: Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent colour for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles. Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains)…. “ So while my sister-in-law was in the operating theatre this afternoon, I made a yellow healing doll for her. I took it to her tonight and even though she was still quite drowsy just out of the recovery room, she seemed delighted with it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it.

All of this took me in another direction – finding out more about the healing powers of plants. I took this photo of my beautiful orchid in flower. This is one of the plants I saved from a supermarket. I think it is just another one of the funny things I do: rescuing half dead plants which have been neglected in supermarkets. I am sure you have all seen them at the front of stores, usually at discounted prices. This orchid I bought a few years ago for 50 cents, and it was very, very sick, but just look at it now. I am not sure if the orchid does have any healing powers, but it makes me feel good to look at these flowers. Perhaps you will be tempted to save an ailing plant when you see one at the supermarket or a nursery.

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