Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Go Green

2010 crept up on me, but I did make some New Year's resolutions.
I am going to try to make less waste, especially with creative resources and to clean up my workroom after each project. I've done well so far, but 361 more days yet...  Ruth's bag (pictured) finished just before Christmas is a good example of using up bits and pieces of yarn and wool and recycling a handbag to create an altered, unique, scrumbled creation.  The wooden button is also made by my husband from offcuts of timber. By the way, my friend, Ruth was happy with her bag, too.
Between Christmas and New Year, I attempt to rid our house of unwanted clutter, so when I was going through old cards, I thought they were all so beautiful I should do something with them. Easy - I used the cuttlebug and cut the fronts of  greeting cards from years past to make hundreds of colourful and useful gift tags. I now have a supply of gift cards for all occasions. Perhaps you recognise a card you may have given me in the past?

Of course, I also have lots of little pieces of fabric . Before putting away the Christmas prints, I made these little Christmas tree brooches. They are made by fusing two pieces of cotton fabric offcuts together, cut in semicircle shapes (about 10cm diameter)  and then folded and embellished to look like festive trees. These would also look great cut from double sided decorative paper. For these little brooches, I adapted a pattern I saw on for table napkins last August.

Holiday time is such fun to enjoy with family. We had New Year's day with our children and grandchildren - eating leftovers from New Year's Eve parties. Then the  two older boys also had a sleepover with us, and really had a great time.  Go, 2010 - what a positive start to the year!


  1. I love the picture of the bag but the children are just to cute!!

  2. oh so sweet boy and 2010 resolution you must have been taken and is really very important. As you are working on and for that is really useful for your future. Thanks for good post.

  3. I love your green bag. And that baby, so precious. I will visit again.

  4. I love that purse!! A work of Art!


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