Friday, February 13, 2009

Featured Artist and Featured Photo 6/6

FEATURED ARTIST: I have decided each month, to feature someone whom I admire as an artist. For February, I’m featuring a wonderful craftswoman, my mother, Joyce Chock Man. She is very creative - beautiful embroidery, fabric and beaded flowers, sewing, knitting and crocheting - all kinds of crafts. Here is her latest work – temari.
What is temari? From the photos, you can see it is thread wrapped in patterns around a sphere. A thousand year old craft from Japan, Temari is traditionally given as a gift. From humble beginnings as simple toy balls for children's play, Temari create a magnetic effect on viewers today. As a spectacular decorating focal point, the puzzle of the design is mesmerizing. The concept is elegantly simple; the end result is simply elegant! ( from My mother is 84 next month, and we all hope that when we are that age, we will be as creative, active and keen to learn as she is. Congratulations Mum - your work is really beautiful and you are an amazing woman!

FEATURED PHOTO : Erika aka Incalesco ( has tagged me to play "6th in the 6th". This means that I am challenged to find the sixth photo in my sixth folder of photos, publish it and describe the photo, and tag six others to do the same . I am yet to find 6 but I have tagged Judith , Bobbi, Tracy and Vicki. As my photo files are a mess, I was wondering what would eventuate. It so happens that this photo came up – taken on 15 December, 2007. It is a photo of three of my “Dolly” friends, from left, Linda, Connie and Michelle, modelling aprons which were made for the Craft show volunteers to wear in 2008. Next weekend, the same show will be here in Newcastle again, and we will be donning those aprons again for our Dollies Goes Crazy exhibition.

An aside– I am very happy to say that my Mrs Chalumeau is finished… maybe some last minute touches next week before the exhibition. Here is sneak preview - that's her right shoe! Mrs Chalumeau in all her glory will be featured on my blog next week.

Today I helped my friend, Pam put together a wall hanging/quilt she is making for her nephew and niece -in-law when they celebrate their wedding next weekend. This is a really great idea. Pam sent strips of calico to family and friends (even those not going to the wedding). They were asked to do something creative to the fabric – beading, embroidery, patchwork, and painting or merely exchange with a fabric which would have some significance to the couple. I thought it was such a good idea that I did one too - a row of colouful people dancing and the words " Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we should dance." All the contributions were really fabulous – delicately embroidered butterflies, hand painted family members, special photos, bright beads and bling, traditional patchwork, beautiful cross stitch – a spectrum of colour and techniques. The strips were sewn together today, and now Pam is sewing the centre strip and border – what a stunning and memorable gift for the newly weds.

What a week - special thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the devastating bushfires. This week, I've been thinking a lot about everyday bravery ... Robyn Davidson was a really brave woman who lived in the Outback. She said " The two most important things I learnt [about starting over] were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision."


  1. Wow Wilma, Your Mother's work is wonderful. I love delicate work,and the level of craftsmanship is superb. To remain vibrant and creative in one's older years is wonderful. I am a computer KLUTZ "Folders" Sixth one....I will get Kev to help meWill check back later...

  2. Wow, your Mum's Tamari balls are exquisite!

    What a great wedding gift too!

    I will be donning the purple apron next weekend ... can't wait to see Mrs C.

    I have given you an award ... it's on my blog!

  3. Please contact Thea from . You have won the Mushrooms fabric!

  4. Your moether is amazing1
    the balls are just beautiful and yes! I hope to still be creating when I am her age.


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