Sunday, May 3, 2020

An ambush of abstracts

During the last week,  I think my #100pinpoems have taken a definite turn towards the more abstract. There have been a couple of days when I was prompted to convey a more direct representation of a moment in the day , but generally, I have moved towards stitching and collaging in a more impressionistic way. For example, on day 22, I tried to convey the feeling of waking up early for a Zoom meeting.... and ended up with what looks like sound waves representing electronic communication ( not the sound of me snoring through the meeting!) 
"Alarm too early
Sleepy nods in agreement 
Meeting via Zoom." 

 stitched wearable art pin 

 stitched wearable art pin 
Some of the tags although abstract, describe actual occurrences .... 

Day 23 : I watched rainbow lorikeets flying into our garden to land on some tall grevilleas... I reproduced only their colour and a stitches a sense of the quick movement.  When they open their wings, the flash of red on their underwings appears dominant. 
"Welcoming the day
Brightest colours on display 
Lorikeets in flight"

 stitched hand dyed silk wearable art pin 
Day 25 - I used the meteorological symbol for wind tin stitch to make a comment on the weather. 
"Ignoring sunny skies, 
Chilly winds whisper 'winter'
Nature's own debate." 

stitched fabric and paper collage wearable art pin 
 Day 26 - While walking in my neighbourhood I looked at a garden from a distance and saw rows of flowers amongst the green stretching the length of the block. 
"Like musical lines
Gardens stretching in the sun 
Colour symphony."  

 Day 25 : It was a dull morning, and I made a hot breakfast to try to raise my mood.  This one was the only "pictorial" pin I made this week - with some fussy cutting from fabric designed by a friend for the flower and bowl. 
"Grey clouds, storm looming
Take comfort from the simple 
Hot porridge breakfast." 
applique, stitched collage wearable art pin 
 And here's the last for the week... an abstract.  I think today's shows that I have been watching too many commentaries and reports on the COVID 19 and its impact. 
"Uncertain questions
Experts debate and differ .
It's not black and white." 

stitched paper and fabric collage wearable art pin 
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