Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tea on Thursday 15 - Tea Aged

This has really very little to do with tea,  but tea was used in its creation.... 
This is a tag I created for another blog group, Tag Tuesday which had as its theme this week, The 1950s. 
I was born in 1950 and devoid of any imagination this week, I decided to use a photo of myself about 5 months old - the photo was taken at City Studios in Townsville, Queensland, on 1 November 1950. I have used a photocopy of my original birth certificate ( reduced in size)  as the background.  I scanned the original photo and printed it then covered it with tea bag paper to give it an aged 64 year old look. One of the embellishments is a motif that I tatted and dyed with tea. The tatting is not so fantastic, but I think tatting is one of the domestic arts which was more popular in the 1950s so I thought it was appropriate. The string is also dyed with tea! And so, here is my example of how I used tea bag paper and tea to give an aged look to newly created items.  

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