Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Exhibition Preparation

works in progress for 2014 exhibition 
 Today was the deadline for a publicity photograph for an exhibition I will be having in July 2014.  It seems such a long time away but with this week's deadline,  I have been thinking about the preparation required for an exhibition. 
early PR photo for 2014 exhibition 

I have been very naive about preparing for exhibitions. After the first one I had in 2012, I feel I know a little more, but am always seeking good advice. I found this article very useful . I used the headings  from this article to put together a plan for myself. 

1: Objectives and expectations
There are many reasons for staging a solo show. I need to  be clear in my  own mind what I'm  hoping to achieve from it. Be realistic about what to expect from it.  

- sales? 
- publicity? 
- networking? 
- new commissions? 
- workshop promotion? 

 2: “Gallery” Space
I am very fortunate to know my gallery space, Timeless Textiles  which has published a guide for exhibitors. All I need to do is follow the guidelines and deadlines.
 - location? 
- clientele? 
- costs? 
- opening times? 
- previous exhibitions? 
- exhibiton checklist with timeframe 
opening night - 2012 exhibition 

3: Costs

The most difficult part of the process for me is the pricing, so I will seek advice on this. 
 - gallery hire? 

- advertisting?
- framing? 
- transport ?
- photography? 
- advice on pricing? 

4: Create 

My plan involves creating a number of works per month. The theme and concept have already been completed. 
 - theme?

- drawings/plan 
- range of work? 

- 'wow'  factor
- time frame 
- project plan 

opening night - 2012 exhibition 

 5: Marketing  
Balance between marketing from gallery and personal contacts. 
- gallery marketing strategies? 
- personal  marketing strategies ? 
6: Exhibition
Keep to the deadlines! 
- gallery responsibilities? 
- artist responsiblities 
- pricing? 
- hanging? 
- catalogue? photos/descriptions 
- opening night?
- associated activities?  

Now... back to my work area to try to meet some of those deadlines! 

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