Monday, February 18, 2013

Year of the Snake : Happy Chinese New Year

 Happy Chinese New Year - the first day of the lunar year was last week, but with celebrations continuing  for at least two weeks, we had our family get together last night. We all look forward to the celebrations because they all mean something special to each of us
Chinese New Year = colourful Lion dances

 Chinese New Year = loud music and fun

 Chinese New Year = lucky red packets of money

 Chinese New Year = a special event and dressing up

Chinese New Year = yummy food and lots of it

Chinese New Year = family and friends celebrating together

All the best to my family and friends all over the world during  the Year of the Snake.

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  1. Happy New Year, looks like you are all having a wonderful time!
    My Tai Chi group is haveing a Chinese New Year dinner celebration too.
    Last year for the year of the dragon I made a special dragon necklace.


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