Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunshine after the Whirlwind

Hunter Art Bazaar  9 Sept 2012 
It was a glorious Spring day yesterday for the Hunter Art Bazaar in the beautiful location of the Hunter Valley Gardens (the vineyards , near Newcastle, New South Wales). We had all hoped the very windy  and wild conditions of the previous few days would disappear and we were not at all disappointed. We couldn't have imagined a more beautiful day for enjoying the amazing talents of  the artists of our region. Yes it was windy last week, but the "whirlwind"  I refer to was not caused naturally. It was activated by the "turbulence" created by a week of running workshops, trying to finish off a few items for the art bazaar, and complete the month's assignments for the blog challenge "Tag Tuesday". I seem to have managed .... lots of little dolls , some temari, and some old stock helped the NCEATA (Newcastle Creative Embroiderers and Textile Artists) stall. Fortunately, my creative partners all experienced similar whilrlwinds of creative activity, so we ended up with a  very colourful, attractive and interesting stall. 
my dolls 
NCEATA stall 
NCEATA stall  : cushions, quilts, handbags, gifts  
NCEATA stall - felted journal covers, felt jewellery, temari 
 I also finished all my tags for the month with the theme of Amusements:  All of these tags are stitched fabric - either with machine and/or hand embroidery and I set myself the challenge of using the idea of a stitched portrait on each, so the techniques I used were applique and free form embroidery.
Amusements tag: Table Games - Chess  (cotton fabric and felt) 

Amusement Tags: Circus and Fun Fair ( Candy floss/fairy floss)  - applique, & needle felting, 

Amusement tags : Bingo and Cinema ( first film made in Australia) - applique, free form embroidery
Watch this space: Next week and the week after  , I will share some of the techniques covered in the recent workshops...


  1. Love your tags! Great small gift idea.

  2. Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.


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