Monday, May 7, 2012

Water Inspired Dolls Display

Fish Brooches
Fish, mermaids,  fishermen, water goddesses, ocean creatures and a couple of majestic frogs were all there.
The doll making group I belong to, Hello Dollies, was a featured artist at the Dobell Art and Crafts festival  last weekend. The little colourful fish which were made at one Saturday meeting were the most popular amongst the crowd, with most of them  being sold  on the first day of the festival.  Here are a few images of the dolls on display... no wonder there were lots of oohs and aahs....
Fishermen and  Siren of the Sea  

Water maiden, mermaid and frog prince 

Chubby mermaids 

Water doll, mermaid and sea urchin 


Sea Goddess 

Frog Prince 

Water Maiden

Mermaid, Venetian fisherman and "compass" doll 

"Taking a friend for a walk " - hard to see but the friend is a fish! 

Ocean maiden and beaded face mermaid 

Part of the display 

Promotional photo 

more fish...
It was my job to take down the display. I did so reluctantly. What a wonderful watery world!

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  1. Hi Wilma:
    I love your work. Those fish are amazing!
    Just updated my blog.
    Here is what my Eco-Art students are up to now.
    Cheers- Neko


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