Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas - Not Yet Please!

I promise every year that I will be organised for Christmas and for our grandchildren's birthdays in December. It's happened again ... I am not ready. Only a few cards made of course,  none ready to post. And  I just "got over the line"  with a few extra things made for my friend's Christmas Boutique Sale  last Saturday. We had a great day.  My stick dolls were perhaps a little out of place amongst the absolutely beautiful fine embroidery, but they were all sold so they must have had some appeal. My own favourite was joyous one ( between the two green ones in the photo below)  - wrapped in sari ribbon and nurturing a baby dragon.
Going with the popular trends, what seemed to appeal the most of my items were the matryoshka doll brooches, so I am currently making more for the Handmade Treasures Sale in a fortnight.

Owls were also popular including my very large and heavy doorstop owl and the little owl families, made from hand printed fabric by Thea and Sami. I have previously made dolls from this gorgeous fabric, but the prints seem to suit these owls, from Lucky Owl pattern by Be Be Bold.

 Now, back to my work room to start preparing for Christmas again...

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