Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Eggstraordinary" Eggs

These extraordinary Easter Eggs have  so  much to recommend them -  handmade, non-fattening, safe for children, quick and cheap to produce, lots of leftover bits and pieces are used.

I have really enjoyed making these and I was so happy with the finished products. These eggs start with a plastic filler, with a bell inside to make them "rattle", and then  they are covered with wool roving and wrapped with woollen yarn. The wrapped " egg" is then wet felted and  surface embroidered for decoration.

Here are the raw materials

  • Little fillable plastic egg shapes from a bargain shop ( 8 for $2) 
  • Little bells (leftover from Christmas projects ) This packet  is one I bought today - not exactly what I used before but as they were  25 for $2 ....)  
  • Scraps of wool roving ( leftover from other felting projects)
  • Scraps of woollen yarn.( leftover from knitting and crochet projects)  
  • Lengths of embroidery thread , also leftover from other projects.
Follow the instructions from a previous tutorial in an earlier post ( scroll down to look for it dated March 1) : Felted Balls: Tutorial for Beginners.

The bonus for me is that these felted eggs look great in my egg cups . I have quite a few more to make for all my egg cups - I have hundreds in my collection.
If you celebrate Easter, you might not want to eliminate chocolate eggs, but perhaps reduce the number and replace some with felted ones!
PS Here's a Turkish egg proverb: Today's egg is better than tomorrow's hen. 


  1. What a Great idea Wilma! i might try this if you don't mind? I had never thought about felted eggs!!Yours look terrific. I collect decorated eggs.Love your eggcups.
    I am in a wand swap.maybe an idea for Doll Club?

  2. Love the low (no) calorie eggs :) Great colours and also the series of stick women, than are FANTASTIC!!! Well Done pleased I dropped by, you have been so inspired & creatively busy!


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