Saturday, November 27, 2010

Closer to Christmas.

To state the obvious, Christmas is closer than you think! Each day, the diary and the "to do" list must be consulted to make sure we don't miss a Christmas party, a Rotary event, a grandchild's school presentation or concert,  a family gathering and all the "jobs" which  need to be done before Christmas.
However, this last week, I have been making dolls. I would love to show you the photo of the art doll I finished during the week  for the Doll Holiday Ball Swap, but I would like my swap partner, Deirdra  to see it before I post it here.  I have also made dolls to be donated to a local charity, Centacare. Each Year, Hello Dollies members make and donate dolls to Centacare to be given as gifts at Christmas. I made a few sock dolls, and little hand stitched felt dolls tucked into a sock ( photo above). The other sock is inside the toe, so the gift is a little doll and a pair of new socks! The original pattern for the felt dolls, Pocket Petunias  by Simone Gooding, had these dolls in a knitted pocket, but I thought this sock idea was a neat little arrangement?

This Christmas ornament (above) is inspired by a Sherry Goshon internet pattern Lil Christmas Ornament . I made quite a few modifications. I used larger polystyrene eggs rather than papier mache, and made polymer clay heads, and instead of  fabric wrapped around the shape, I used one layer of a paper serviette and gel medium to apply it. I have many polystrene shapes prepared, just waiting for heads ... I'll make those tomorrow  from polymer clay as it will be the second in the Crafternoon Tea Series - Clay Play.  We'll play with PMC (Precious Metal Clay -  Silver) and polymer clay .
Next Saturday is my annual Handmade Treasures Christmas Sale. This year, profits will be donated to Jenny's Place , Children's and Women's Refuge and Domesitc Violence Resource Centre. Already, some wonderful handmade treasures are materialising ready for the sale. Hope you wil come along and not only enjoy stress free Christmas shopping and support local "hand made" artists, but also help alleviate the dreadful impact of domestic violence in our community.

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  1. love your version of Sherry Goshan's Christmas Ornament. Good on you raising money for such a worthy Charity. Love those sock babies!!


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