Tuesday, June 8, 2010


While battling the ‘flu this last week, I didn’t feel like doing much. However, I sat down one afternoon and moulded lots of little polymer clay heads. Nothing wonderful - all popped out of a commercial mould! It might sound a bit perverse, but I love making heads. I certainly don’t have any great motivation to do anything with them – just love creating them, colouring them and looking at them.

I had also signed up for an online sculpting class presented by Marlaine Verhelst.I have long been a fan, and decided this is the kind of sculpting I would like to do. It isn’t as realistic as my friend Bobbi does, but there is something spiritually appealing about these faces. Please have a look at Marlaine's gallery if you haven’t seen her work before.
 Well, with all the best intentions, I paid for the online classes, downloaded them and got the raw materials… hopefully I will have more to show next week.

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