Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whose Shoes?

Last Friday night, I made a pair of shoes ... we had a "fairy shoes" day at Hello Dollies on Saturday. There is a fantastic article in Stitch Magazine, no 50, Dec 2007-Jan 2008 entitled "Fairy Slippers" by Annette Emms. http://www.embroiderersguild.com/ Annette provides beautiful photos, a pattern and advice " Before you begin , spend a little time thinking about who will wear the shoes you're going to make. " The first pairs Annette made were for the fairies in Shakespeare's A MidSummer Night's Dream. I didn't think about the owner of the shoes , so am still wondering who might wear this pair of shoes ? Do you have any suggestions? They are about 9cm long .
My shoes were rather understated compared with the gorgeous shoes created by Doris Dubois, who showed us a wonderful technique of layering felt, vilisoefix , angelina fibres, glitter, assorted bling and organza/chiffon to create a spectacular fabric for the fairy shoes. You can tell Doris loves embellishing with embroidery and beads from these lovely examples...

My friend, Bobbi Oliver from LamboArt, (http://www.lamboart.blogspot.com/) who is recovering from an accident, and can't sculpt at the moment, has turned her hand to making fairy shoes, too. These feature both machine and hand embroidery and beading. Looking at Bobbi's shoes, I think it's true.... a pair of shoes will chase away the blues .

Have a great week creating ... shoes or whatever chases away the blues for you .


  1. These are gorgeous.Great in smaller size as doll shoes.Colourful ones for jesters....Enjoyed looking at these.

  2. They are all so lovely Wilma. Your new post is now showing up in my sidebar as being posted eight hours ago, so just taking some time to update I think

  3. Wilma, these shoes are just delighful, they would sell like hotcakes at our local art markets, Byron and Mullum are full of fairies and wanna be fairies like me! *grin*

  4. It's always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!


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