Saturday, April 18, 2009

Odd Socks

We all need some silliness in our lives. I have become an ardent fan of "stray sock sewing". I think it is or was a fad in Japan. Years ago, I made funny little toys from socks for our children, but recently I discovered a person called Daniel who has taken creative sock sewing to a new dimension. His little sock dolls aren't just dolls . As he says, they are more like little pets with unique personailies. I am completely "hooked" - I just love making these. I have called my creations - SOCKSILLIES.
What is a socksillie? A "socksillie" is a fantastic soft creature made from a single sock or a pair of socks. Any resemblance to a real person or animal is purely coincidental.

Each has been named and their names indicate the number in the series. For example, the twins in the first photo above, are Abbie and Bertie and they were the first two socksillies I made. Then there is Clarrie, who now has a new home in Sydney. The "contented cat" character is Eddie. Below is Dottie, who lives with my mother in Townsville.

How do you make socksillies ? It's easy. For a basic socksille like Freddie below, take a brightly coloured stray sock with a colour block heel. (This one was an ankle sock. ) Roll polyester fibrefill into a ball the size of the body and stuff it into the sock in one go. Take another ball the size of the head, and stuff it into the heel part of the sock for the head, manipulating it by rolling the stuffed sock in your hands. Don't try to put too much stuffing in the sock as you will tend to lose a body shape. You'll know how much is right by the feel - cuddly! Sew up the opening using a ladder stitch or small overhand stitch. Give your sock creature a personality with embroidered features and you'll have no trouble naming him or her.

My Socksillies are waiting for homes at the ETSY shop


  1. Love your SockSillies !! Delightful fun! Knew I should have grabbed that stripedsock at the tip shop today ! Darn it !

  2. Thanks fellow DUSTERS - I appreciate your positive comments.
    DUST is the Down Under Street Team of ETSY - a wonderful group of Australian artists supporting and promoting handmade in Australia and beyond.

  3. ilove, love, love clarrie the socksillie. Absolutely gorgeous. I know he is sold, but if you ever make another like him, id be interested.


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